Décor Rentals

Event Decor Rentals

Event Décor Rentals by ReSource is a service that rents or loans table-top and other décor items for nonprofit events. Our goal is to make it easier and more affordable for nonprofits to host fundraisers, appreciation lunches and other types of events by having a large and varied selection of decorative items. These rental items are available well below the purchase cost or standard rental cost of such items, and free rental is available to ReSource member agencies.

ReSource’s ability to consistently loan or rent décor items is dependent upon the borrower’s responsible and considerate actions. The items you borrow were recently used and returned by another agency. Upon your timely return, they will be rented to another agency.

If you have questions or concerns about our rental policy, please contact us at 513.554.4944.

Rental Policy:

  1. Current ReSource members in good standing will not be charged to borrow event décor items. Non-members pay a small rental fee at pick-up with an agency credit card or check.
  2. The rental term is seven (7) days. If items are needed longer or not returned on time, the agency (member and non-member) is charged for a second rental term.
  3. The cost of any items that are not returned or returned broken, dirty or in the wrong packaging will be charged the appropriate replacement or handling cost, as determined by ReSource staff. Non-members must provide an agency credit card at time of pickup to cover any replacement, cleaning or repackaging costs. Members will be charged to their account.
  4. Access to décor rentals will be suspended if there are outstanding balances.
  5. Décor items are to be used to advance the mission and programs of the agency renting the items. Décor items may be not used for personal benefit or pecuniary gain. Inappropriate use of the items may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges.
  6. All items are used solely at the agency’s risk. ReSource staff, volunteers, officers and directors cannot be held responsible for injury or accident that may occur from the use of the borrowed or rented items, as per the Rental Agreement.

Rental Procedure:

  1. Call our office at 513.554.4944 to schedule an appointment to view items available.
  2. Visit ReSource to select your items and confirm that they are available for your event date. Schedule your pick-up and drop-off dates and times.
  3. Pick-up your items. Make sure you notice how items are packaged. You may want to bring a helper as ReSource staff is not generally available to help load your car.
  4. Have a great event!
  5. Return your items on the previously scheduled date and time. Make sure all items are clean, usable and packaged the same way they were at pick-up. A staff member will be available at drop off to check your items back in.