Furniture/Product Donations

Many businesses have valuable items stashed in closets, storerooms and warehouses that they no longer use, yet don’t want to go to waste. Whether it’s discontinued inventory, overstocked merchandise, furniture or other unneeded items as a result of downsizing, merging, moving, remodeling or closing, these donations enable ReSource to reduce the expenses of our member nonprofits. See a list of items ReSource accepts (and does not accept) for redistribution to our members.

ReSource makes it easy for your company to donate items that will make an important difference for area nonprofits, and those they serve. Here’s why donating to ReSource is good for your company as well: borgman-cartoon

  • Receive free pickup by experienced, insured ReSource staff members
  • Reduce storage, insurance and disposal costs
  • Put unneeded items to good use with area nonprofits
  • Receive recognition for your generous donation
  • Support environmental sustainability by diverting waste from landfills
  • Receive a tax deduction based on fair market value of items donated
  • Strengthen your corporate citizenship in Greater Cincinnati
  • Read about other ways your business can support ReSource.

Getting Started

Contact us to learn if your excess inventory can be used by local organizations. If so, we will schedule a time to pick up your company’s donation and provide your company representative with a receipt. To schedule a pick-up, email our scheduler.