Building a Better Board – Which Game are You Playing?

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
8:30-11:30 a.m.
Held at Rookwood Tower
3805 Edwards Road, 5th Floor
Interact for Health ChoiceCare Room


Nonprofit organizations are required to have a Board of Trustees. Do you feel you have been rolling the dice to get the perfect board/board member? Just like any game, you need to begin at the beginning.

Dating Game!
Do you need workers?
Do you need skills or connections?
What are the organizational needs?
Who will be a good fit? How do I find Mister or Ms. Right?

Review the rules and begin dating!
We’ll start with what is required by law. You will learn what functions belong to the board and what functions belong to the Executive Director. Learn what the roles and responsibilities are for each member.

Match Game!
You will gain an understanding of how a Trustee relates to the organization based on their role and their responsibilities and how best to utilize the assets within the community at large.

Once a match has been found you can begin to plan for the future. You can begin to move the board to be more strategic and less operational duties and activities. Just like any partnership you will need to keep the relationship fresh through trainings,
outings, sharing new ideas and more.

Who Sunk My Battleship?
Sometimes things become more of a battleground. Learn how to determine why this happens, how to strategically move your people pieces around, and how to decommission this individual ship together.

Pat Seuberling – Pat is an accomplished nonprofit executive with more than twenty years’ experience in leadership and development. She previously was the Director at Princeton Education Foundation. Directly before that, she was Executive Director for the Wyoming School Foundation. Pat was co-founder of and a trustee of American Heritage Girls. Pat’s other community commitments includes serving as a Board of Trustee for Interfaith Hospitality Network of Northern Kentucky. Pat also volunteers in various ministries at her church.

Pat has also been a volunteer consultant with ESCC (now part of OneSource) for more than four years. Her strengths include expertise in board development, strategic thinking, and fundraising and leadership. She has participated in projects conducting high quality interviews for research, conducted workshops on communication, leadership and strengths finders and has been a trainer for management development programs.