About Resource

Since 1986, ReSource has been helping Greater Cincinnati nonprofits stretch their dollars, strengthen their skills, and serve our community more effectively.

The work we do is based on a simple, yet brilliant, concept: We help area businesses dispose of things they don’t need – surplus furniture, equipment and merchandise – and help qualified nonprofits purchase those items at 10 to 30% of what they would otherwise pay. We also provide high quality training and support to more than 250 nonprofit employees and volunteers each year.

It’s a win-win for everyone. And the result is that nearly 300 area charities, schools, religious organizations and service agencies are able to direct more of their limited funds to critical community services that keep our city strong. This simple idea also keeps more than 170 tons of useful products out of area landfills each year.

ReSource History

Our agency was founded in 1986 by leading Cincinnati businessman Robert Castellini and the board of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation. This group saw a need within the community to provide a better way for local corporations to donate their surplus inventory, while providing a way for the region’s nonprofits to use their limited dollars where they’re needed most.

Since its founding, ReSource has helped more than 1,800 nonprofits attain the inventory they need to run their organizations and to help their constituents. ReSource’s efforts have saved nonprofits over $40 million while allowing regional and national companies to reduce their overhead of excess products. Today, ReSource is the only nonprofit resource center of its kind in the Greater Cincinnati region.